Ready to gain control over your sugar and carb cravings?

Want to learn more about how food truly affects your energy levels and metabolism?

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Sugar Detox is a two week complete nutrition overhaul that will help you set up a lifetime of healthy eating! 

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January Wellness Sugar Detox gives you a personal coach and a support group to guide you through the entire process... Plus you'll join our low-sugar community for life

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Sugar is an addictive substance that wreaks more havoc on your metabolism, your energy, your mood, and your weight than you ever thought. It's sneaky - It's everywhere (and not just in candy and cupcakes!)

sugar addict

At one point in my life a few years back I realized I had been tweaking my diet in search of feeling good and losing fat for over 14 years. Growing up, my family tried to eat healthy, but we were influenced by the guidelines of the 'low-fat' generation... with no limit on sugar. I can remember eating a bag of Famous Amos cookies for lunch in high school, then scooping spoonfuls of pure white sugar over my already sweet cereal as an after-school snack. In college I studied Exercise Science & Physiology, but continued to struggle with weight by trying to out-exercise my diet. Even in the first years I began personal training and teaching yoga, I managed to stay 'in shape,' but still felt there was something missing... So many of us are on the constant search for the next juice cleanse, the latest cure-all superfood, the "perfect" workout to get us to where we want to be.

I knew there was a better way to eat than counting every calorie and trying to sweat off my misguided food choices.

January Newland - Wellness Coach

Over the last 5 years I’ve studied nutrition extensively, and the effects of excess sugar on the body specifically. I've implemented the resulting real-food diet as a way of life, for myself, and hundreds of happy clients. I believe that truly understanding real nutrition (not just checking the box on another diet) is key, and what most of us have been missing in our search for health.

I created Sugar Detox as a way to introduce you to how good your body is truly designed to feel. I will guide you to find YOUR PERFECT NUTRITION plan. It's so hard to sift through all the misinformation out there and sometimes we need group support and a coach. I'm here to help you create not just your best body, but a radiant, healthy lifestyle!

Sugar Detox Nurtition Program

More than simply removing sugar from your diet...

  • Discover which foods create more energy and effortless fat-loss
  • Learn which foods disrupt digestion & cause you to hold onto fat
  • Reset your metabolism and your sugar palate
  • Free yourself from food cravings
  • Find your optimal nutrition

Change your relationship to food!



What's Included in my Sugar Detox?

  • A Complete YES/NO foods list to guide you 

  • Over 40 Recipes to help you navigate breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and even desserts!

  • The Complete Sugar Detox Food Guide, which explains how to upgrade all of your food choices and become a label detective

  • Food Tracking Sheet that will help you take a look at your diet RIGHT NOW. Start becoming an expert on how you feel when you eat. 

  • Membership and LIFETIME access to the Sugar Detox Group on Facebook. Ask questions, get tips, ideas, inspiration, & group support, 24/7.

  • Personal coaching from January throughout the detox.

  • An "Essentials & Bargains" list (with pictures of each item) that will streamline your shopping trips for Whole Foods, Sprouts, Costco, Trader Joe's, and Ralph's.

  • Shopping Checklist Sheet

  • When you enroll, you can choose Online Coaching throughout the detox, OR add on a 1-on-1 private phone consultation with January if you'd like a little more private coaching time to help answer more detailed questions you have, or to customize the plan for you in detail.

  • Daily emails packed with information and inspiration, that explain the science behind this metabolism reset and help you to understand the process, covering topics like: 

--> The role sugar, carbohydrates, and sugar alternatives play in hormone regulation, and why hormones are truly the key to managing your weight and health.

--> Why sugar is a real biological addiction that influences brain chemistry  

--> Lots of tips to help you navigate the next few weeks with success

--> Why it's not just about weight loss - but for some that can be a healthy side effect!

--> OTHER sugars and artificial stuff and why they aren't a part of a nourishing diet

--> The myths, half-truths, and some outright lies you’ve been told on the topics of fat, cholesterol, & heart disease

--> How to transition after your detox, and setting yourself up for lasting success 

Join us - Monday May 14th, 2018! (program is 2 weeks)

Choose your plan:

F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S

Can't I just take sugar out of my diet on my own?

You certainly can try! It's a very challenging endeavor; with all of the packaged foods and hidden sugars out there, sugar exists in many forms and in foods you would never believe! I can help you navigate this aspect of sugar removal, as well as personalize a diet that will work for you long-term, based on your habits, likes and dislikes. I'll also provide you with plenty of information that will help you understand the process your body goes through when we eat sugar, fat, carbohydrates, and teach you how to properly fuel yourself to be in a consistent FAT BURN mode. Many participants report that the Facebook group support is an important contributor to their success; you'll have a safe & private space to post, get feedback, ask questions, and vent! And I'll be right there in the group to coach, comment and answer questions for you! 

I don't live in San Diego, can I still participate in Sugar Detox or enlist you for nutrition coaching?

YES! All of the materials in Sugar Detox are available online and through emails, and you can participate from anywhere in the world! This goes for my coaching programs as well; we will Skype or check in via phone, and I will send you lots of homework and all the details of your program via email!

I REALLY love sugar, and might be pretty addicted, can I complete the Sugar Detox?

YES – but I won't lie, it will be a challenge! Even if you think you have already eliminated excess sugar from your diet, unless you avoid ALL packaged foods I bet you are consuming more sugar than you think! It's worth it. But it will take dedication!


Does Sugar Detox support Vegetarian/Pescatarian diets?

YES. Sugar Detox is founded in traditional, ancestral diets, with a focus on locally/ethically sourced animal protein.  But as a vegetarian for 9 years, I completely respect it as an ethical dietary choice. The program is customizable for vegetarians. 

Will I lose weight on Sugar Detox?  

Body weight tends to regulate once you're feeding it optimal nutrition. While it's highly likely that if you have excess body fat, you will lose some on this detox, I do not recommend you make it your main focus. We are not taking measurements, before/after pics, or weight; no counting calories! How you FEEL and your energy levels will be a much better gauge of success during the detox. And your continual reduction of excess body fat from the changes you make to your eating habits over time will be the bonus!

Is Sugar Detox safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding? 

It's perfectly safe, and highly recommended! Sugar Detox uses only whole, REAL food nutrition, is customizable, and does not require you use any supplements. What a perfect time to make sure you are consuming only the most nutrient dense, health-promoting foods possible - when you are supporting another life! 

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Enroll today to reserve your spot!  Upon receipt of payment I'll send out your WELCOME EMAIL with information to get you started on preparations for your detox.

One week before the detox start date you will be added into the private Facebook group which will contain your shopping lists, Yes/No foods list, tracking sheet, and recipes, that you can print to use. Daily emails begin one day prior to the start date of the Detox.

Enrollment closes Sunday prior to start date. Payments are fully refundable when request is made in writing prior to seven (7) full days before the start date. After that payments become non-refundable; however it may be applied to a Sugar Detox Program at a later date if written notice is received prior to day one of the Detox.  


D I S C L A I M E R :

All materials available in this Sugar Detox program and emails are presented for information and educational purposes only. This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace the advice of your healthcare professional. It is recommended you consult your qualified health care provider before beginning any major dietary changes. January Newland/January Wellness shall not be liable for any claims, damages, or rights of action, present or future, arising out of or connected to the use of any of the information contained in the emails and program presented herein, including any injuries or medial conditions resulting from participation.

Additionally, I caution you to know your limits. Listen to your body and instincts, and if you experience any physical symptoms that cause concern, please immediately obtain qualified medical advice and/or assistance.