Baby-Wearing Wraps & Things Review

I think I’m becoming a bit of a baby-wearing-apparatus junkie... I have 4 and I’m scoping out a few more because it feels like there’s always a new, more functional (and pretty!) version out there for a specific situation or stage. I realize this is silly - so I thought I’d put this obsession to use and give you some reviews of what I already have, in order to help new moms out there who may be on the hunt! Because it certainly was a shot in the dark to just order one while I was pregnant, not knowing much about the differences between them.

Here’s what I have:

BOBA Wrap:

I loved the softness of this uber-long wrap in the first month when Jack was teeny; it scoops a newborn up softly and holds them close to you really well. You’ll want to consider getting wrapped up at home first, so it’s dragging on your floor and not the dirty concrete, once you’re out and about and trying to wrap up. It’s warm; great for cooler weather, but becomes really hot when the temp gets even close to 70. I’m also not using it as much now that Jack is approaching 14 lbs; it feels just a little too loose, too stretchy, and when I’m working or walking with any speed, he seems to fall downward in it over time.

BEST FOR: Cool Weather, Newborn stage

Boba Wrap

Boba Wrap

MOBY Wrap:

We were gifted this one second-hand, and it’s my current favorite for walks, and at work. Not only is it super cute (ours is the Petunia Pickle Bottom print) but it’s a little less stretchy than the Boba and so holds in place really well. It’s still slightly stretchy, and almost as long as the Boba, so you’ll want to watch a few videos to master the origami-like technique of wrapping up. But once you get it, it’s pretty simple! A little lighter weight than the Boba, so will hopefully carry into summer weather here in San Diego a little better.

BEST FOR: lookin’ stylish while you take long power walks, or work.

Moby Wrap

Moby Wrap


The K’tan is perfect for those of us who may be origami-wrap-challenged. It comes in two attached loops, and is pretty easy to slip on and slip baby into. It’s my go-to around the house when I just need to throw something on and get stuff done without an elaborate wrapping session; I can just plop him in and go! The drawback to it is that it doesn’t fit quite as snugly as a long wrap, because it’s a pre-determined size… but I think the ease of putting it on is worth it. TIP: if you and your partner are different sizes, you’ll probably each want your own, sized to you.

BEST FOR: Quick wrap when you’re alone or busy; wins most efficient award.

K’tan Wrap

K’tan Wrap


We have the “Free to Grow” Model, which works for newborns 7lbs and up. This is a slightly more structured carrier that doesn’t require wrapping and has padded hip and waist belts. I’m thinking that this one will become a favorite as Jack gets bigger and has more ability to stretch out, hold his head up and look around. For now, I prefer the wraps that smoosh him right into my body like a little Koala, and can cover and hold his head close and wrapped up - for security and just those squishy 4th trimester feels. But I do love the styles and the ranges that this company offers!

BEST FOR: As they grow, and you want some structure, but still softness.


So of course I’m still on the hunt for wraps and carriers, because I’m just into them! I love the closeness of having babe on me and doing whatever I do. Still working on my posture while wearing, but that’s another post…

So on my wish list are:

TUCK & BUNDLE: because it claims to be the perfect lightweight summer wrap that’s not too hot, and has adorable colors.

SAKURA BLOOM: A local company that makes super stylin’ and cool-kids looking carriers and so, I’m in!

MUMMA Etc. RING SLING: Damn you, Instagram ads! Of course I want anything that the Australian moms have because I just want to be Australian, you know? So I’m down to try these pretty ring slings soon…

How about YOU?! I’d love to hear your favorites, and your experience with baby wearing! Leave me a comment!


Disclaimer: This is not an ad, nor was i provided any of these wraps for free - I’m just doing this for informational purposes. This post does contain amazon affiliate links, which will provide me a small commission should you buy through the links, at no extra cost to you.