When you just don't WANNA (exercise)


There were a few weeks recently when I just didn’t want to work out. Didn’t want to lift a weight. Didn’t want to run. Or sweat profusely. Or any of it. 

(Full disclosure: this happens to me several times a year.)

So rather than force myself, I went easy, and kept moving... lots of walks, some hikes, a little home yoga, lots of sauna time. I wasn’t injured, wasn’t sick, wasn’t too busy, just didn’t WANNA. 

And then suddenly I just felt like lifting weights again, and I WANT to go 3 days a week now, and I’ve added back in some sprints and high intensity stuff, too. And it feels great. 

And I think ALL of that is OK. I think it’s a mistake that we pick this ONE thing and say, “this is it, this is what I’m going to do 5 days a week forever, consistently.” It’s a set up for failure - A failure to listen in to your body’s natural ebb and flow of energy, and respond accordingly.☯️

I think of this as Ancestral Fitness, just like the Ancestral principles of nutrition I teach. I think historically we would have had times where we were building a house, harvesting crops, making a migration, and the workload was big, heavy, and consistent for a while. Then on the flip side we’d have long days of rest and recovery and relaxation after those work periods. It’s our primal nature. Natural cycles of upregulation and downshifting. ✨VARIATION.✨

So I guess my point is, it’s ok to want to workout hard lots of days. It’s also ok to want to take it down a notch for a while. I’m not saying it’s ok to become sedentary; that’s most definitely going to have poor effects on your health and is not in our human nature. But can we finally kick “no pain, no gain” to the curb, and stop the glorification of “train hard or go home”? Let’s fully allow ourselves to feel and change and adapt✌🏼

What’s your ebb and flow like lately? What are you loving? What “I should be doing” could you let go of? 💛

When you just don't want to exercise