Stand Up Paddle with Dogs

Summer weather is finally sneaking up here in San Diego, and I'm super excited to get back in the ocean more now that it's not so chilly!

We picked up a new inflatable Stand Up Paddle board a few weeks ago from ISLE Surf & SUP, a local San Diego company. I was really excited to try the inflatable board because it's supposed to be very forgiving and stable, which is perfect for taking the pups out on the water. If you follow my Instagram, you've seen me take Piko out on the board (he LOVES it). But my old board is a little unstable and it's pretty hard to actually balance the both of us while paddling with any speed. So we gave the new board a try with Solo the Fijian Wonderdog yesterday... and took some snaps to document the attempt!

sup 1.jpg

The ISLE inflatable SUP board comes in this nifty pack with everything you'll need; the collapsible paddle, the fin, the air pump all go into the bag, which is also an easy-to-carry backpack.

sup 2.JPG
sup 3.JPG

Solo knew something was up and that he was NOT, in fact, here to chase birds and run around, because of the life jacket... (side note: why is it so dang cute when dogs wear technical gear?!?)

sup 4.JPG

It was a super easy set up: just roll the board out of the bag (it's really light) and inflate! I got a little extra arm workout from the inflation process, but I use any excuse I can to call my outdoor adventures my workout for the day, so I was into it. (There is a car-battery powered inflator, if you'd rather skip this step.) 

sup 5.JPG

*not pictured: me making James do the hardest part at the end*

sup 6.JPG

I know there are some much better ways to get your dog used to a floating board, especially if they're skittish; you can start encouraging them onto the board on dry land, and give treats every time they touch a paw onto the deck, etc. 

But Solo is pretty keen to do whatever we do, so we just jumped right in and basically told him to jump up on the board...

sup 7.JPG

He was definitely a little nervous at first and wanted to stay super close to me, just sitting in my lap.

sup 8.JPG

But we had a little chat and pretty quickly he started trusting the board.

sup 9.JPG

And finally I was able to get him to sit, and myself into a standing position!

sup 10.JPG

On bird watch...

sup cover.jpg

And then we were off and cruising!

sup dad.JPG

Even dad got to take a spin, when he wasn't on camera duty. :-)

Next time we're going to practice getting on and off the board when we're out in the water a bit, so that we're comfortable in all situations (like if he decides to chase a seagull mid-paddle). And I'm so stoked on the new inflatable board! It's perfect for learning to paddle, but still feels sleek and fast in the water; plus you can't beat the ease of portability...  I can't wait to take it with us to Fiji and Hawaii later this year. If you're checking out ISLE for a board of your own, feel free to use the coupon code "INFLUENCER50" for $50 off your board! This isn't an affiliate link, just a deal ISLE is offering to my readers! (Thanks ISLE!)

Stay tuned for more SUP with PUPS!


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