The USA Today Article on Coconut Oil - ugh.

This article.

I rolled my eyes so hard I hurt myself. And then the messages started rolling in... "now what?!" And while I won't go into complete detail, I want to throw out a few points:

1. These studies are usually done with an increase in saturated fats, and no alteration to the rest of the diet... for example, adding into the diet more coconut oil, or hamburgers from a fast-food joint (because they are the same, right? *Insert another massive eye roll*) and then measuring the resulting increase in blood levels of cholesterol. Which is crazy. Because...

2. There is significant scientific evidence now that dietary cholesterol intake does not affect blood levels of cholesterol, and in ADDITION, that total cholesterol numbers are a poor predictor of risk for cardiovascular diseases. I source a lot of the info & studies about this in my Sugar Detox program, because the fact is, it's well documented that consuming high levels of saturated fat IN CONJUNCTION with high levels of refined carbohydrates is DEFINITELY bad for cardiovascular health. Plus, Cholesterol is a necessary nutrient, and is WAY more complicated than just "high or low" cholesterol being "bad or good."

3. This is old "news." It comes from a section of the medical community that I for one, do not trust, and I believe to be sponsored greatly by the wrong industries (industrial oils, sugar, pharmaceuticals, to name a few options) who should not be trusted in providing us with nutritional information. The AHA is saying nothing that they haven't already been saying for years: that "all saturated fat is bad," and that we should replace those fats with vegetable oils... "Our message is that polyunsaturated fats are the best fats to eat. They are found mainly in vegetable oils such as soy bean oil, peanut oil, corn oil," he said. And I'm just not buying it. They immediately discredited their own stance, in my opinion, by recommending that we consume MORE heavily processed, Omega 6-heavy oils from mega-subsidized cash crops, instead of coconut oil, butter, avocado, nuts, and olive oils.

TAKE HOME: Should you be eating only coconut oil, all day every day? Certainly not. Think BALANCE. VARIABILITY. ADAPTABILITY. But if you want to give yours up, feel free to bring it over to my house.

LONG STORY SHORT: I remain a believer in ancestral, real food fats being a healthy part of a real-food, omnivorous & varied diet (which will look different for everyone!!) because I FEEL the difference, and have seen it for hundreds of clients.

I've also got a very suspicious eye on where the funds for these studies come from and payoffs by big agriculture industries & food production giants who stand to lose a lot of money if we JUST EAT REAL FOOD.

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