Weight loss or health gain?

Just a rambling thought for the day...

Not everyone is in this game just for abs and a nice butt. Some of us actually cringe a little when someone says “you look like you’ve lost weight!” with a smile - as though it’s the best thing that could have happened to us, the highest compliment.

The big picture of a whole, healthy human body is so much more than the muscles you see or the number on the scale. We keep pushing ourselves for the physical results hoping that the rest will click when we look a certain way - but it’s often exactly the opposite. FEELING healthy & happy comes from the inside - from proper nourishment, adequate rest, connection to others, community, purpose, gratitude, ATTITUDE

Feeling healthy and happy looks a LOT different on every single body.

So lighten up on yourself.

Keep aiming for the feel-goods.

And love that beautiful body of yours starting RIGHT NOW!


- - -


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xo January

Love this life