Upgraded Classic Tuna Salad

One of my favorite lunches is a classic tuna salad; it's straight out of my childhood lunchboxes. In this upgraded recipe I've added more veggies, to give it nutrient boost, plus I've finally found a mayo that uses healthy, real-food oils and ingredients! 

Mayonnaise is one of those foods that used to be considered "unhealthy" due to high fat and cholesterol content. But we know now that healthy, real-food fats are not the enemy, (and neither is dietary cholesterol for that matter,) and that if we avoid the industrial-oils like Canola and make mayonnaise at home with a healthy fat like olive or avocado oil and fresh eggs, it can actually be a very healthy fat to add to your dishes!

But I'll be honest, making it at home is a bit of a pain. So I REJOICED when I found this mayo made with avocado oil and cage-free eggs from Chosen Foods, which is right here in San Diego! The texture and taste are spot-on. Tangy-deliciousness.

Here's how I make it:

- You'll need one total cup of finely diced red cabbage, fennel, celery, and green onions. I usually chop up a whole bowl of this mix, and pull out one cup of it for use as I need it, saving the rest for other day's lunches throughout the week.  (Other things I've added that work well: diced carrots, radishes, red onion.)

- Mix into the veggies one can of tuna (look for dolphin safe, bpa-free cans), plus 2 tablespoons of Chosen Foods mayo, and a few pinches of salt & pepper.

- Mix well with a fork until blended, and spoon into avocados or over a bed of spinach or arugula to serve!

- This batch can serve 2, but post-workout I've been known to eat the entire batch myself :-)


Upgraded Tuna Salad
upgraded tuna salad