Holiday Gift Guide!

It's officially THE HOLIDAYS!! And I, for one, need to start making lists IMMEDIATELY, or else in the blink of an eye Christmas will have come and gone and I'll be sheepishly handing out "New Year's Presents!"

So I wanted to share with you a few ideas for gifts this season that may be just perfect for someone on your Nice-List!

(Full disclosure: I’m not paid to endorse any of the stuff in this gift guide, but if you follow my Amazon affiliate links to purchase them, I do get a small percentage as a commission without costing you anything extra.)

On to the goodies!


Raw Spice Bar's Monthly Flavor Kit

Great for friends who are just getting into cooking, or who could use a little inspiration in the kitchen! They'll receive 3 freshly made spice blends each month (or a few times a year), created with unique and new ingredients. There's a new region of the world highlighted each month, and recipe cards for each mix. AND they'll customize based on diet and preferences!      Starting at $26 for 3 months.

Full disclosure: I don't own this yet - but it's on my Christmas list! All the paleo cool-kids are talking about it. Plus my old crock pot is on its last legs. LITERALLY - one leg is broken off and I use a surf wax-comb to prop it up, no joke. Anyway, this one can slow-cook, pressure-cook, rice-cook, steam, saute, warm, even ferment yogurt!       Starting at $68.95 on Amazon Prime


Or as I like to call it, a ZOODLER - if your foodie friend doesn't have one yet (or you, for that matter) get this! It's a must-have in any healthy food kitchen; great for spiraling any kind of veggie to make into pasta-like noodles of goodness!       $28.95 on Amazon


For The YOGI:

The Block Sock

Ok, so you know the community yoga blocks at the studio... we sit on them, we then put our heads on them, and then the next class does the same... EW! My friend Julie is custom handcrafting these genius little numbers, which beautifully cover those shared blocks for a much more sanitary and blissed-out yoga experience!      $20-$25 - contact her via Instagram or

Ok so I wrapped my Block Sock around a palm tree since there were no blocks around, but... you get the idea!

Ok so I wrapped my Block Sock around a palm tree since there were no blocks around, but... you get the idea!

Blooming Lotus

Perfect for Yogis and fashionistas alike! Beautiful handmade malas, jewelry, and gemstones, infused with intention & love. Just wearing them will remind you to connect, be present, and work to inspire you to live the life you want to live!      prices vary, via website


Chosen Foods New Avocado Mayo Flavors

Chosen foods makes an incredibly tasty avocado oil- mayonnaise (sans junky crop-seed oils) that I've been hooked on for a while. But they JUST came out with two brand new flavors of mayo: Black Garlic, and Harissa - and they are DELISH! Your paleo/vegan/healthy-foodie friend will appreciate you sourcing this hot new darling of the food world!      $10 per Jar

Every Last Crumb - Paleo Bread & Beyond

I'm so excited about this book - it's gorgeous and chock-full of insanely delicious recipes: Chocolate Croissants and Jalapeno Cheddar Pretzel sticks that are gluten-free & paleo?!? It's a dream come true.      $23.30 on Amazon

Tip: add-on a kitchen scale like this one; the author Brittany Angell highly recommends weighing the ingredients for accuracy and best results.

Other GORGEOUS Cookbooks that everyone should have: Plenty and Plenty More by Yotam Ottolenghi - who knew vegetable dishes could look downright SULTRY?!


Project Juice's Clean Kit

Have one of those holiday weekends (or weeks... or months...) when you know you need that reset day of eating really clean, but can't manage to get your ISH together to prep for it? The Clean Kit is your answer! It takes the stress and mess out of meal planning with a personalized day's worth of plant-based food & juice. I love it because I just CAN'T with any juice cleanse that has NO food involved - but The Clean Kit gives you two beautifully prepared meals, two juices and a protein/nut milk shake, two super-food shots, AND a trail mix!  If you're giving as a gift, grab a gift card!      $59 - *mention January Wellness and get $5 off your Clean Kit, (in San Diego)



Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

This one is a big ticket item, but is such a huge upgrade from those junky airline headphones or the earbuds that come with your phone... you'll feel so incredibly luxurious, and you'll certainly thank me the first time you use them and sleep like a baby through a long flight or noisy travel night! Starting at $299 on Amazon Prime


Coola Suncare Travel Kit

It's likely that your wanderluster friend is headed to somewhere sunny, so get them the gift of this REEF-SAFE, organic suncare quartet, all TSA approved sizes! Non toxic (free of parabens, paba, petroluem and phathalates). $49.00 on Amazon

Airline Gift Cards

I know, this one might be a stretch... but it's what's on my own Santa List!! What better to gift your wanderlusting friend than the jump-start on their next ticket? Here are the gift card pages for American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines,  and Hawaiian Airlines... you know, just in case:-)


If you think of any other great items that are on your hot-list this year, let me know!! I'm all ears for gift ideas!


xo January