Kraut Workshop at Kashi - #stinkymagic

Happy Tuesday Party People! 

Yesterday I was honored to host a Fermentation Workshop for the fabulous folks at Kashi. They have a beautiful home office building in Solana Beach; it's a health and wellness dream work location! From the organic gardens in the picnic area for enjoying lunch outdoors, to the showers on-site in case you'd like to run or bike to work, to the incredible kitchen and cooking area they have for employees; this place is doing it right!

I've been fortunate enough to get to know a few of the folks who work there, and their passion for all things food and health is so apparent when we talk; So of course it made sense for me to come and share my love of all things stinky and fermented with the whole crew!

Fermentation Workshop with January Wellness
Kraut Workshop

Fermented foods are, in my book, one of the foods truly deserving of the label SUPERFOOD. The fermentation process not only makes nutrients more available and easier to digest, but also creates a literal army of beneficial bacteria or probiotics to populate your digestion, with each bite! A balance of healthy gut flora in your digestive system is linked to healthy brain chemistry, better immune function, skin health, better moods, and of course digestive wellness.

The workshop is always incredibly enlightening, but more importantly a lot of fun! We squish up the cabbage with our bare hands, and everyone concocts their own personal blend of vegetables to ferment. So thank you, friends at Kashi, for having me yesterday, and allowing us to mess up your kitchen! Look out for the hashtag #stinkymagic to see what beautiful krauts we made!

xo January

Stinky Magic with Kashi
art of fermenting