Bento Salad

When I was young we lived in Hawaii. One of the things I loved about growing up there was the spectacular blend of cultures that happens in everything from language to food. I remember early on in school, lots of kids would have these beautiful bento box lunches... with little separated containers of bright colored veggies, meats, and pickles. So of course I immediately NEEDED to have a cool-kids bento box as well -  WAY more fun than a boring old tuna fish sandwich and apple slices.

Now I like to make a salad version of a bento box lunch when I have a hodge-podge of things in the fridge. I eat it with chopsticks so I can make different combinations of flavors with each bite.

Here's mine from today: bed of spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli sprouts, hearts of palm, horseradish sauerkraut, wild smoked salmon, topped with a sprinkle of sesame seed salt, rice vinegar, and olive oil.