Perk up your water!

Ok so this is not so much a recipe post as it is just a quick idea...

I saw this a while ago out in the tangle of the interwebs, using lemons, to keep your water cool and lightly flavored. And since I had just returned with a bag full of spring fresh goodies from the farmer's market, I decided to make a few trays of ice with flavors!

Perk up your water.JPG

Reasons why I love the idea of freezing things into little ice cubes:

  1. SOME people (Mom, this is for you) find plain water boring. I know, it's weird. But still. For you picky kids, ice cubes with lovely fruit flavors will help alleviate the boredom factor and you'll stay hydrated.
  2. They're pretty.
  3. Infuse your water with not only flavor, but some nutrients and antioxidants!
  4. It's berry season - freeze them when they're fresh and cheap and keep to throw in smoothies all year long.
  5. Mint leaves in the ice are divine and so refreshing to flavor your water.
  6. Act all Martha-Stewart-ey when you serve your guests their drinks with these.
  7. They make Mocktails way more fun.
  8. Sugar Detoxers - you're welcome.

Get creative! Try other herbs and fruits! Let me know what you come up with in the comments below! 

xo January

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