The Perfect Diet

In my monthly Sugar Detox programs, the rules are pretty strict. Just for two weeks. Just to help you kick the carb & sugar cravings. Outside of that, I don't believe in very many diet RULES.

I just posted this picture on Instagram and knew it might raise a few Sugar Detox Alumni's and Paleo folks' eyebrows...

Pomegranate Arugula Salad with Artisan Bread

Because, Bread.

Do I always eat bread? No. Gluten makes me bloat and a get these tiny bumps on the back of my arms. Do I sometimes eat bread? Absolutely, because I love it. But When I do I choose the best damn bread you've ever had (Prager Brother's Organic Fermented Sourdough) and well worth the issues I might face. Do I feel guilty when I eat it? Not in the slightest.  

Clients and friends will often ask me about what I eat specifically. I always hesitate to answer that, because what works for me nutritionally is not going to be the exact same as what works for you. We are all so beautifully and ridiculously different...

And I've got news:

Despite what all the articles all over every website and magazine might say, there is NO ONE perfect, universal diet that is best for everyone. We are all from different places, have a different genetic background, different preferences, and different things we want to accomplish with this body and this life. 

Some of us can eat all of the carbs and grains and feel just fine; others get bloated just looking at bread. Some of us can eat only fruit all day; others have to keep fruit at a minimum to keep fat at a minimum. Some of us need a healing diet with certain foods eliminated for a while. Some of us feel best with three meals a day, others more, others less.

It CHANGES. It's different at different times of year, at different times of our lives. Are you training for an event? Are you breastfeeding or growing a baby? Are you striving to squat more weight, build more muscles? Lose fat? Heal yourself? Are you trying to manage stress? Do you need more sleep? 

ALL of these things factor into what makes up a healthy YOU. The NUMBER ONE best thing you can do for yourself nutrition-wise is... learn to tune into these things for yourself. 

Attempting to say no to a Matsumoto's Shave Ice... I eventually gave in.

Attempting to say no to a Matsumoto's Shave Ice... I eventually gave in.

But we get disconnected, we listen to others too much in this search for great health; and it's ok. It's easy to get caught in the sea of information that shouts at us "Look! Quick fix here! Do this one move and eat this one particular powder from the high rainforests of Madagascar and you will be perfectly healthy and still able to eat cheetos!"

And I'm sure by now you know, there just is no quick fix. A healthy body, mind, and life takes work. Not just a few weeks of work, but constant attention to your body's signals. It takes diligence. It takes curiosity, open mindedness, and adaptability to the ever-changing tides of events. 

You can get to the place where YOU know what is best for YOU, I promise. I know you can, because I am doing just that, from a previous place of having ZERO clue about what I needed. For years I listened to only what everyone else said was "THE thing to do" and felt like I was being tossed around in a washing machine of information. Then, with the help of a few good coaches, I learned to tune in. I started to listen to my own body. And over the years, I'm still discovering exactly what I need, each new moment, that serves me best.

And know that it's ok...

...if you need HELP to get to a better place in your body, in your routine, in your nutrition! You can ask for help! When you're looking for a coach/nutritionist/trainer, just make sure that they listen to YOUR story, in detail. Avoid anyone who gives you a one-size-fits-all set of diet rules. They should be working with you in learning your history, preferences, and goals.  And they should help you to learn not only what foods are considered the most nutritious universally, but also your own reactions, energy needs, and timing. 

And as always, please reach out if you have questions! I love to hear from you, and help in any way I can! 

Cheers to good eats and delightful living, wellness warriors!

xo January