One of my favorite testimonials...

This is one of my favorite testimonials from my Sugar Detox program. It thrills me to be able to help people find what really makes their body come alive, and find new potential for strength and vibrancy.

The woman who wrote this has been an all-star athlete at my Barry's Bootcamp classes for a while now. She was looking to upgrade her nutrition. When she asked me about joining Sugar Detox, I could tell she had a healthy skepticism... which I so greatly appreciate because I am the same way about so many things! But she was also very open to learning something new, so I asked her to give it a chance, and here's her insight:

(Thank you for trusting me Sue! You are inspirational, in so many ways.)


"A little over halfway done with my sugar detox experiment, below are some learnings from the past week and a half:
• Sugar is bad for you! I asked my doctor if a sugar detox was ok, kinda hoping she would tell me not to do it, but to my horror, she thought it was a great idea. On day 3, I tried in vain to look for evidence that a sugar detox could kill you but didn’t find any supporting evidence.
• First, eating well takes A LOT of planning and preparation but it gets easier over time. Just like everything else in life, it takes practice.
• Eating well doesn’t have to be expensive, but see previous bullet point. It does take planning.
• I don’t have a sweet tooth, but was absolutely addicted to sugar as the withdrawal symptoms proved – lethargy, grumpiness, and forgetfulness. I didn’t jot down the other ones and have probably left out a few, but I blame the forgetfulness. My husband is missing. I have no regrets.
• The first week is hard. Really hard. The body is used to having all the crap in it, and it’s being deprived of all the manufactured junk (i.e. anything that comes in a box, most things in a jar). But I felt normal starting week two, only minus the cravings and bloaty-ness (aka fatty tummy mess). 
• Eating whole, natural foods + high intensity workout sessions = runner’s high ALL THE TIME. 
• That extra muffin top is starting to go away – the one that training for a marathon only made worse. Who knew that eating bacon, eggs, ragu, butter, and other natural goodies would take care of it? Note to self: don’t run another marathon.
• I’ve abandoned the word ‘calorie’. It’s all about nutrition.
• I will always love bread, but do I really need to eat that MUCH of it?
• I like reading the ingredients list at grocery stores. If it has more than 1 item that I can’t pronounce/don’t know about, it doesn’t go home. 
• Taking a few preparatory steps before the sugar detox helps. I quit soda months ago, which was easier than I thought it would be, but I don’t think I could have quit soda and all sugars at the same time.
• I would encourage anyone to try this, but if you are serious about making it without cheating, I would highly suggest joining a group such as January Newland’s Sugar Detox. Google it. Your body will love you for it.
• A few months ago, I became very interested in getting in tip top condition, not skinny or an endurance athlete, but strong. It might have been a middle-mid-life quest. So I started to focus on a different kind of training, less steady state cardio and more things with short bursts of energy. Enter Barry’s Bootcamp….really, the best workout in the world. But something was still missing in my journey to feel the best that I can, and hence a sugar detox. We all need a reason to start reaching for a goal, so this was mine. 
• The last thing I learned is that no amount of working out will cancel out a bad diet."