The dirt on Canola Oil (it's not pretty)

I'll try to keep this one short and sweet:

Canola oil is NOT the heart-healthy cooking oil you've been led to believe through tricky marketing; it is a heavily processed, factory-made, non-food that your body treats as a toxin.

And for the record, I'm targeting Canola oil here just because I'm grouchy about how many times I've seen it lately lurking in so many "health" foods, at "health food stores."  But I'd like to note that soybean, safflower, cottonseed, corn, and sunflower oil are all members of the TERRIBLE TOXIC OIL GANG.

If you'd rather skip my rant and watch a VIDEO about the creation of Canola oil, here you go. (video via Discover Channel & YouTube)

Canola isn't a seed, or even a plant; it's a marketing term, given to the genetically modified version of rapeseed, because rapeseeds were found to be bitter and not great for human consumption.

It's true that rapeseeds start with a high amount of Omega 3 essential fatty acids, but those polyunsaturated fatty acids are very easily damaged by heat, and heating to a VERY high temperature is the first step in making canola oil. It's then treated with the chemical solvent hexane to get every last drop of oil out of the seeds.

Not done yet. 

The oil that comes out then has to be de-gummed to remove wax that forms, de-odorized to remove the rancid smell, and bleached or colored to turn it from gray to a nice harmless-looking yellow.

Besides the chemical treatment, the fats in canola oil have been oxidized and transformed into a substance your body does not recognize as food. When you see Canola, or any of the gang of bad fats on labels, there's a chance they've been so damaged (or worse, hydrogenated) that they now contain high levels of TRANS FAT, and I'm sure you've heard the FDA is working toward a total ban on those due to their nasty effects on health.

It's time to start asking what oil our food is cooked in.

And start demanding better.

Check labels. Ask at restaurants. Skip the fried foods and donuts (sorry, man). And for the love of butter, ask Whole Foods why they are still using it in EVERYTHING they make in the deli. 

Real Food Revolution!!

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